Who Will Tell Us – 7″ Vinyl

Ensemble Du Verre. New 7″ vinyl out on 9/5/2016. The first two songs from the upcoming 7th E.D.V. record “Rooms”.


Groove Galaxi – Back from Outa Space

Lange Jahre waren Groove Galaxi auf Mission in den unendlichen Weiten unterwegs. Die Band, die mit ihrer bis heute unverwechselbaren Vision von Dancefloorjazz als Live-Markenzeichen des legendären Mojo Clubs den Globus bereiste, ist nun zurück aus dem Kosmos. Für diesen einen Abend (23.01.) machen sie einen Abstecher zu ihren Wurzeln. Da heißt es eintauchen in die Sounds und Beats, die Ironie und den Spielwitz der Band spüren! Aus den entlegendsten Galaxien haben sie den Funk mitgebracht und lassen uns erfahren was Groove Outa Space bedeutet. Der Bass boomt und blubbert, die Orgel faucht und wabert, die Drums bouncen und halten das Gerüst beisammen. Feel it!

Open Doors : 23.00 Uhr

Markus Kuzcewski – Orgel und Synths
Daniel Stritzke – Bass
Sönke Düwer – Drums

Melody – EP


The music of the latest release of „Ensemble Du Verre“s 4-song-EP „Melody“ is very difficult to categorize, and even if you list the musical ingredients you don’t necessarily know what it sounds like. What do you imagine when R&B melts into freeform jazz or when hip hop, electronic and epic cinematical elements are layered on top of each other? Only one thing is certain: it’s music of great uniqueness and independence, with the courage to be different, full of radiant sounds, melodies with a positive attitude and artful (elaborate) structures….
After 6 CDs and his previous EP „Scatterbrained“ (2014) „Batterie“ label founder, composer, producer and multi instrumentalist Sönke Düwer once again reveals his version of music without stagnation. He webs, layers and shapes a universe of sounds and beats, offers a fascinating sight into his jungle of musical elements in which almost nothing seems to have an order. But his authentic structures can sound beautiful and fragile yet powerful and aggressive at the same time, no element is excluded and everything falls into place.
And then suddenly, out of the seeming chaos, the infatuating voice of Natasha Young emerges on “Neverending Melody“. The singer and the producer met by chance in 2014 and immediately decided to start working together, the result can be heard now on „Melody“, and in 2015 they definitely will be on stage together.

„Spaced out contemporary jazz from far beyond. Cool structures which will start your mental cinema to screen your own film. Fragile, airy – inhale today’s jazzy spirit within a few beats.“ Oliver Korthals (Mojo Club Founder, Original Jazz Rocker)

Thank you for the good stuff! (Gilles Peterson)

Release on Febuary 27th 2015

Ensemble Du Verre – Live Sessions


After playing there first concert in the new band line-up (Silvan Strauß on drums, Adrian Hanack on tenor saxophone and Sönke Düwer on electronics ) at the Hamburg based club “Golem” Ensemble Du Verre got a call from the fantastic “Überjazz” jazzfestival in Hamburg. On Oct. 25th they play there new music from the upcoming EP “Scatterbrained” (release, Oct. 24th, Compost Records).

Here are some Impressions from there last live-session

Ensemble Du Verre – Live Sesions Part 2 / Not So Fast



A Green Meadow


On “Beautiful Hartriegel” (Release date 2014-08-29) Sönke Düwer leads us through a cosmos of electronic music. It is the first of three follow-up eps of his most recent project
A Green Meadow“. This debut of very detailed music combines myriads of musical styles, opens up sound spaces and enriches it with constantly developing yet clearly connected sound-beat-installations. A journey through the time and space that exists within your headphones. Four abstract musical meadows whose vibes become visible on Timo Weiners Cover (the covers of all 18 Batterie releases were designed by Weiner).

A Green Meadow just after sundown before the darkest of the night, is the best way to describe the sounds on Beautiful Hartriegel. Mysterious and deep sounds are creating dubbed-out repetative patterns on which there is room for great atmospheres. Or in the words of Sönke Düwer: “It is typical Grimy Hiphouse Techstep.”, he smiles engagingly and after a short break he adds: “But there’s no point in intellectualizing it, since this kind of music is all about passion and energy as well”