A Green Meadow


On “Beautiful Hartriegel” (Release date 2014-08-29) Sönke Düwer leads us through a cosmos of electronic music. It is the first of three follow-up eps of his most recent project
A Green Meadow“. This debut of very detailed music combines myriads of musical styles, opens up sound spaces and enriches it with constantly developing yet clearly connected sound-beat-installations. A journey through the time and space that exists within your headphones. Four abstract musical meadows whose vibes become visible on Timo Weiners Cover (the covers of all 18 Batterie releases were designed by Weiner).

A Green Meadow just after sundown before the darkest of the night, is the best way to describe the sounds on Beautiful Hartriegel. Mysterious and deep sounds are creating dubbed-out repetative patterns on which there is room for great atmospheres. Or in the words of Sönke Düwer: “It is typical Grimy Hiphouse Techstep.”, he smiles engagingly and after a short break he adds: “But there’s no point in intellectualizing it, since this kind of music is all about passion and energy as well”

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