A Home For YouA Home For You

Eden is a garden, that’s for certain. The garden of gardens even, a fantastically free space, in which everything grows and flows as good as it knows. The name fits perfectly then to this organically nurtured musical project, which the composer, producer and musician Sönke Düwer has now realized together with the singer and songwriter Ute Lorenzen and eight instrumental guests. With the debut-album “A Home For You” Eden now presents nothing less than their roots, and their world – where a truly dreamlike soprano voice sings over a plucked guitar, muted trumpet and bowed cello, while warm Wurlitzer-Sounds swing over soulful beats. The music meets somewhere between Folkjazz and Singer/Songwriter-Soul, sometimes intimately in a small circle, then again with the deep force of a large group. Earthy and natural on the one hand, on the other airy and light, celestial and modern in the best sense of the word, always quietly intense, these sounds above all transport and advance the melodies and lyrics, that Eden is about – the songs. “I definitely wanted to record another album with real songs”, as Sönke Düwer puts it, whose Ensemble du Verre fascinated fans and critics in 2005 already with the album “Sing Me Something”, which featured the vocals of e.g. Ursula Rucker, Torun Eriksen or Ute Lorenzen. “This time around I didn’t want to work with so many different, but preferably with only one singer.” His choice fell on Ute Lorenzen, whose translucent and incredibly pure voice, by itself or in the paradisiacal choir-harmonies, lends the songs their extraordinary sound. Even in the most exciting moments the music of Eden therefore feels relaxed and relaxing. In an extensive and passionate collaboration Sönke Düwer and Ute Lorenzen built up the eleven songs of this album – most of the melodies have a well-matured feel to them, while some of the lyrics were sight-read right off the sheet. They are about the small and the big joys, about love and life, letting go and arriving at, with excursions to the beach or the churchyard, ventures behind the seven mountains and to the orbit of Saturn. All of the lyrics are by Ute Lorenzen, whose musical path as an actress and a singer has led her slowly but surely from the examination of poetic content to writing her own poems and song-lyrics – careful and tender at first, by now noticeably brave and confident. The many layers of the lyrics are of an elegance that is mirrored in the compositions; the songs may sound light and breezy, but are always of a high compositional (and musical) quality. “When I’m in the studio, more often I tend to have too many ideas than not enough”, says Sönke Düwer, who lends his creative talents not only to Eden, but also to the critically-acclaimed and award-winning Ensemble du Verre and its more electronic sister Energie du Verre (as well as being a big part of the band Groove Galaxi, of course). “It helps me, to separate the different projects, in order to live out all of my ideas coherently and thereby open myself up to more possibilities. That’s why now there is also Eden, something completely different and new.” The band will also perform live, of course, at the least with Ute Lorenzen as the singer, who will also play the accordion in “Strollin‘ Slowly”, and with Sönke Düwer on drums, percussion, guitar or chimes. Add to this the wonderful cellist Charlotte Kracht and a keyboard-player – who most of the time will be Bene Aperdannier, the virtuoso from Berlin, who also plays the Wurlitzer on the album, occasionally subbed by Volker Meitz or Markus Kuczewski. Apart from these there may be guests like the trumpet-player Claas Ueberschär or the guitarist Kai Brückner. In any case there will be – live and/or digitally – this heavenly music. „A Home For You“ is music for the soul, in the here and now and beyond. Eden is garden, and you’re welcome in it, that’s for certain.





Expansions - EPExpansions EP

Eden is a garden where everything we love and enjoy grows and flows. This is what the liner notes to Eden’s debut album “A Home for You” say. Timo Weiner and Sönke Düwer, who is introducing his latest project “A Green Meadow” right here, adopted this idea. In two completely different electronic remixes, both of them present Eden’s music from a DJ’s perspective. The original songs are still unmistakably there, but new beats and sounds turn the initial folkjazz/singer-songwriter-soul into something definitely danceable.